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Folia Medica Indonesiana

ISSN 0303-7932

Vol. 39 / No. 2 / Published : 2003-04

TOC : 11, and page :122 - 126

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Youth profile in some suburban areas in east java (preliminary survey of the indonesian youth stature at the fiftieth anniversary of indonesia)

Author :

  1. Johan Tumonggor *1
  2. Hari K. Lasmono*2
  1. Department of Psychology University of Surabaya
  2. Department of Psychology University of Surabaya

Abstract :

The truth of the success claim of the Long Term Development I (Pembangunan Jangka Panjang 1) & Family Planning Program during the New Order Regime could be verified through facts of improvement of posture & nutritional status of youth, born and grown during that period. Such success should have impact on various fields including sport, manpower potentials as well as other aspects of human resources. This survey sought to extend previous work on the measurement of some anthropometric parameters as well as nutritional status of youth in some suburban areas in East Java (N = 8040), namely: Mojokerto, Sidoarjo, Jombang, and Gresik. The standardized method of the Directorate of Community Nutrition Development (Direktorat Bina Gizi, 1994) was used to obtain measurements from 1972-1976 born youth and their parents, older brothers and sisters. Samples were taken following the Economic Census (SUSENAS 1995) target population. Instruments used are the Imundex and My-Convey 156656 apparatus for height and weight measurements respectively. Results show the mean height of boys, girls, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters are as follows: 162.43 cm (n = 1685), 151,30 cm (n = 2117), 160.10 cm (n = 1643), 150.44 cm (n = 1979), 161.35 cm (n = 322), and 152.60 cm (n = 300). The mean weight of these same subjects arc: 53.54 kg, 47.33 kg. 55.19 kg, 52.61 kg, 54.69 kg, and 49.14 kg. Other anthropometric parameters, TS Index, correlation of height, weight, adverse economic, status related, and psychosocial conditions are discussed.

Keyword :

anthropometric data, height, weight, nutritional status, TS Index,

References :

  1. Ferdinandus, IA, (1977). Tinggi badan pelajar laki-laki golongan tertentu di Indonesia . - : Majalah Kedokteran Surabaya
  2. Nystrom M. & Lundberg O., (1995). Short stature as an effect of economic and social conditions in childhood . - : Social Science and Medicine


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Volume : 39 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2003-04
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