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Vol. 2 / No. 2 / Published : 2002-08

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Faktor-faktor motivasi yang mempengaruhikepuasan kerja karyawan perusahaan

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      A corporate will be confronted with human resources problems, if a corporate become a large the problems also become more complex. Human resources management play an important role for a problem solving, especially a corporate which have big employees in order to the human resources that satisfied and satisfaction towards organization. Top management have to own a capability understanding of motivation factors, and then the factors can be used to motivate of employees achievement and job satisfaction to obtain. The motivation factors standing of salaries, incentives, job achievement, teamwork, leadership, commitment, training and development, and others facilities. If the motivation factors can be fulfilled with employees needs and corporate wants, may be a greatest achievement and job satisfaction will be relized. That are to be suited between employees expected of the job with a salaries, incentives and facilities of corporate.

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      motivation, problem solving, satisfaction,

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