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Vol. 2 / No. 2 / Published : 2005-08

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The role of vegetables to the health of pregnant women

Author :

  1. Merryana Adriani*1
  1. Lecturer at Nutrition Department, Public Health Faculty Airlangga University

Abstract :

Pregnant women may in the high risk of Protein Energy Malnutrition, nutritional anemia, goitre, hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, obstipation, eclampsia, etc. To prevent those diseases, it is suggested to arrange their food pattern correctly. The food pattern should be based on food diversity, high nutrients, and balance diet.The role of vegetable is to fulfill vitamines (especially vitamine B and C) and minerals of human need, including pregnant woman. And vegetables seem so powerfully alive with nourishment, so basic to health. That’s why, the vegetable can be described as “to enliven or animate”.Vegetables are health champs. There is no such thing as a vegetable that’s bad for people. All vegetables are on the “A” position (best for health). But they could be classified in to three groups, namely : “A+” group, “A” group, and “A-“ group. Vegetables are especially rich in the health factors that make vegetables winner – the infection fighter, vitamine A and C; the energy minerals, potassium and iron; the bone and muscle mineral, calcium; and the all around body cleanser, fiber.The major function of a certain vegetable is to reduce risk of getting nutritional anemia, hypertension, obstipation, heart attack, hypercholesterolemia, gastric cancer, infection, especially caused by virus, etc.

Keyword :

vegetable, pregnant woman, disease,

References :

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